Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. So now, I cut off a huge portion of my budget in guild contribution and is now focusing more on getting +12 equips. Whenever you cook or eat foods, your taste and cook mastery increases. So I increase my budget to up until the cost of the donation is 60k. it can be there to prevent stacking tho.that's why i think it make sense, Its just 6 mins bruv , i learned it the hard way after buying that shit back when its price was above 150k. You can spend 50M on the re-roll and still not get any good cards. And I lost about 700+ magic attacks as a result.Upgrading any equipment will require some items like boss materials or some other monster drops. You can stack this 6 times giving you a staggering +240 magic attack and 15% magic penetration. Finally! Simply talk to the Valkyrie found at the lower-left portion of your guild hall and select “Pray”. To upgrade your blessings of the goddess, talk to the Valkyrie NPC located at the lower-left portion of your guildhall.You will need an attack, defense or element card before you can upgrade any of the available stats for this. I was really confused why would anyone use claymore instead of land mine if they both deal earth damage. Donate as much as possible to your guild and do this every day for a very long time. I have reach the point where my Shura can solo Endless Tower Floor 100 using only two Honeys and a few White Potions to heal. I don’t comment on blogs but I love how this one’s detailed and organized so well that I just had to write a reply this time. This is where you’ll get most of your magic attack boost.You mainly want to unlock all the magic attack and refine magic attack nodes. Thoughtful comments like these are the reason why I don’t tire writing detailed posts such as this one. Some are easier than the rest but knowing these methods will help you make an informed decision whether to buy a new gear that may not increase your damage as much if you do the other methods.This post is an ultimate guide that lists all the known ways…. Lvl 3 Cart Revolution – Splash ATK. Next, locate the appropriate Equipment Crafting NPC found across Rune Midgard. But it is certainly worth it. Weapon synthesis is the most surefire way to increase your magic attack tremendously. In Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, all monsters each have different elements. Actually, do not do that method until you exhausted every other methods in this guide.That method is a gamble and not at all reliable. Each token will cover 2, 000 of the required zeny to level it up. Harpy Pet – This pet is even better. There are plenty of methods to increase it. If you want to try your luck though, you can see the King Poring at South PronteraAnyway, you can also see all the cards you can unlock and deposit through the in-game menu.Here are the steps: You may also want to deposit racial cards like the Hydra card. Must be a typo. We would like to show you notifications for the latest gaming tips, walkthroughs and news. There are a few types of enchantment and you need to unlock them via a quest. These special nodes will require Gold medals along with the bronze medals.You’ll also want to unlock nodes that add damage to your elements if you are a Warlock or Sorcerer.You might think that these nodes add very little to your character. Level 1 Ghost(Column) attacking and neutral defending. At the same time, it will require a lot more bronze medals and zenny. Gravity will release new mobile game: Ragnarok Origins: Gaming News: Mobile Legends Silvanna, Ragnarok Episode 6.0, Black Desert Mobile and more: General Discussion: LoL Mobile Leaked Photo and Video Gameplay, Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.06, Assault Ragnarok and … triangle shot stalker guide . Lvl 10 Loud Exclamation – Increase STR . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. This method is straight forward. Ragnarok M Eternal Love has weapon size penalty for each weapon. It is basically crafting a really really good upgrade for your main weapon.It will require quite a lot of expensive materials including your main weapon and will certainly cost a lot. Excelent post/guide man!!! I’ll certainly keep on creating posts like this. ? Int Meal B – This increases your INT stat by 10 and magic damage by 20% for 30 minutes. Cannot attack, move, use most skills and use most items. Eventually, I was able to max the donation for every material requests while still having enough Zeny in my savings.Right now, I am at around 700k+ contribution points and I am starting to see the point of diminishing returns. On the right side, click on the “headgear” icon. And it is pretty easy to get a magic attack bonus.What’s even better are the 4th enchantments. Thank you so much for the suggestion. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. But in Ragnarok Mobile, increasing your magic attack is more than just acquiring good equips.There are plenty of methods to increase it. Slow Attack Alloy: Atk +100 for 30 minutes Rapid Attack Alloy: Atk +400 for 6 minutes: You can only use them every 15 minutes so you can’t stack them, sadly. It’s the third to the last icon so you may have to scroll down a bit. 900 gb 3 mandragora card and 2 ultraman. It may not be worth refining some of your equips to a higher tier due to the high chance of it breaking your weapon, accessory or armor.You can, however, choose the option of “safe refine” up to +10 but it will require additional spare of the same item depending on the current refinement level.But…The real benefit of trying to get equips with higher refinement is when you consider the Tier Upgrades and Enchantment an equip can give you. But depending on your build, you may also want to unlock special nodes that unlocks some special skills or add some effects to your skills. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Once you reach that prerequisite, it will give you a staggering 10% additional magic attack and each upgrade tier level will give you some impressive boost in magic attack and INT stat.How good is that 10% and additional tier upgrade? i missed my warlock. Glad it helped! Higher rank will give more bonuses.At the moment, the highest you can attain is Adventurer Class B which gives a bonus of +9 to all stats. Your source for Ragnarok M Monsters, Cards, Quests, Database, Headwears, Blueprints, Items, Market Prices, Exchange Price List and Stats and Skills calculator. But in Ragnarok Mobile, increasing your magic attack is more than just acquiring good equips. My character is still a prof and I already maxed AGI but my flee is still 325. please help. ### Update: If your experiencing miss hits on cookies, get Mummy(Star) Card or Deposit Thief Bug Card or add 30 Dex. (If you haven't unlocked the meteor skill yet.). i think it was meant to be 6 minutes, just a typo error on the description. Whether that would be better or not is a subject of debate.The good news is, your character can certainly reach OP level at some point even without these Gacha equips. At level 120 you will get a total of +84 magic attack on weapons and +48 magic attack on each accessory. Humans categorized as medium-sized, and for large-sized, you may take Baphomet as an example. After reaching this, you can cut your budget (but don’t stop) and focus more on the ways to increase your magic attack.If you are saving up your Zeny for better gears, then at least try to get 2 gold medals each day and max out the donation whenever you see cheap materials such as Zargon, Feathers, etc.For expensive materials, have a budget and at least still donate a couple of them. But if you happen to get a 4th enchant bonus, it will give you an insanely good bonus.The best enchantment you can get will vary depending on the gear. 28.0k members in the RagnarokMobile community. Rather than focusing on just good equips, we should try to diversify our methods in increasing the magic attack of our character.If unlocking a certain headgear will cost you more than depositing a card, then, by all means, unlock the card first. GG grimtooth GX. Home; Guides. Hello, you’re welcome! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I really appreciate this post, so far this is the most competent guide for Sorcerers. (That would be too overpowered though.) If you don’t have a Whitesmith, just purchase them from the Exchange. Some are easier than the rest but knowing these methods will help you make an informed decision whether to buy a new gear that may not increase your damage as much if you do the other methods. (4 from Champion and 6 Shura), The Warlock multiclass also gives a total of +10 INT (4 from High Wizard and 6 on Warlock). In fact, it can increase your Refine Magic Attack up to +200 points from each weapon and two accessories!But there are a few requirements for this that I think would be better off explained on a dedicated post.Anyway, you can do advance refine by talking to Mr. Dragon NPC found at the top of your guildhall. The easiest way to obtain honor proofs is by participating in the War of Emperium or War of Crystal. I’ve been searching for something like this for a while. And for Warlocks specifically, you want to increase Int along with your Dex stat to reduce your variable cast time. Unlocking the Multijob treewill also give permanent bonus stats. Tier VI. Crystallization. There are new costumes you can obtain every month and every unlocks gives additional 1%.Yes, they are a little OP but this is where the developers earn money so they can continue to develop and maintain the game.Without it, they’ll probably have to close the servers. Required fields are marked *. There are also pets that passively increase boost your magic damage as long as it is combat-active. Tier III. Required Materials. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. Pet’s Passive Skills. This status ailment causes the following effect: Causes loss of 2% of HP and 1% of SP per second. (maximum … Similar to title attributes, increasing your adventurer rank will give you a bonus base stat such as INT, STR, DEX, etc. Those cards give additional damage in percent so they may add a little bit more than just the normal magic attack deposits. Note: Skill level shown are in final form.Example: When 120 skill point or more is used and reach 2nd trans job– job level 40, Skill Crazy Uproar have total 20 skill level. But there are things you can do on top of just acquiring the actual weapon or armor. But in Ragnarok Mobile, increasing your magic attack is more than just acquiring good equips. Item Database > Rapid Atk Alloy Rapid Atk Alloy. "Ah, you're back. Primarily, because there is not much information about it.But you know what? In Ragnarok Mobile players grind for materials which can then be used to craft and upgrade weapons and armor of their choice. Your source for Ragnarok M Monsters, Cards, Quests, Database, Headwears, Blueprints, Items, Market Prices, Exchange Price List and Stats and Skills calculator. and if you read the description, it can be only use once per 15 minutes. Perma stats obtained through your adventurer handbook is shared throughout your account. Upgrading an item gives you additional stat, magic attack or various special effects. it doesn't make any sense if the duration is 60 minutes and you can use it once per 15 minutes. Cards play a huge role in increasing your magic attack and damage. And these cards can only be obtained by opening Prayer Card Packs.It can be bought from the Incredible Vending Machine using honor proofs. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. Enhancing your weapon and accessories doesn’t have any risk like enchantment or refining but it also gives the least magic attack bonus.To enhance your gears, simply go to your inventory menu and then switch the enhancement tab as shown in the image above.You can enhance your gears from level 1 up to your current max level. You will still get this bonus even if you change your weapon or accessory. But they add quite a lot of boost to your character over time.Right now, the magic attack I get from my Aesir monument is at +950.20 magic attack. Dungeon Req Time: 10mins+ Where To Enter. Maybe around 20M or so at the time of this writing. Here are some tips to help your party beat this instance without getting wiped. But it will stop giving additional damage if your target has 0 m def. The higher you go, the higher the chance of it breaking. Some upgrades will require a specific refinement level before you can actually reap the benefits. Thank you for the effort to help others. Pretty much all monsters drop this but they are super rare. Note that I’ve only included the racial cards that I think you will need based on the best farming spots in Ragnarok Mobile. Ragnarok Mobile Guides. Some of which can give you a really huge boost in damage.For example, upgrading an Eye of Dullahan accessory to tier IV will give you an additional 1% of magic attacks for every refine it has if it is refined to +10. And that is still around 300+ magic attack. Let me give you an idea:I switched my Tier VI +10 Eye of Dullahan to the same item without any upgrade or refine. But since the stats are totally random, it may be a little hard to obtain. Weapon Type: Axe PATK +128 – Earth Element – STR +5 – AGI +5 – 7% chance to deal additional Earth damage to enemy and surrounding enemy. This type of enchantment will allow you to get the best possible stat bonuses for your gears.To enchant your gears, talk to the “Cat Friend” NPC located near the right side of the top portal in Geffen. Knowing what your target's element is allows you to significantly increase your damage by using the weakness of your target's element. This method is probably the least obvious way to increase your magic attack damage. Ragnarok Online Mobile Guides and More! Floor 100 (Owl Baron + Two Orc Lords) By: Warr Zurbito. Some really good items will even require a copy of the same equipment.Let’s take the Eye of Dullhan again as an example. Will be returning to the game asap ? Particularly, you want the advanced enchantment quest. 80 Mercury. Triangle shot build stalkers are bow users and is the sniper's counterpart, but unlike snipers, triangle shot can do massive burst damage in one shot! But once you unlock and deposit quite a lot of them, you’ll soon see the difference they make to your character.And unlocking the cook and taste mastery alone can give you about 200 magic attack. Under the “More” menu, click on your adventurer handbook. I do this for every single one of the donation requests.Then as my character gradually became stronger, I was able to farm more. I don’t have a guide on how to increase flee right now but I’ll put this one in the queue and try to create an extensive guide regarding this. Each point you add in your intelligence stat adds +2 magic attack and +1 m def and at a certain point, it will also add an additional 1 SP regen.Furthermore, every time you reach a “breakpoint”, it will add +3 magic attack and +2 mdef instead. Im an f2p and My raw matk was 12k, now i will really try my best to pump it as high as possible. Home; Guides. You’re amazing! For example, when I first started out, I donate materials as long as the cost of donating doesn’t exceed 40K. Your email address will not be published. Posted on March 8, 2020 August 6, 2020 by TataQueen. And if you consider the magic boost percentage you get from equips like the Eye of Dullahan, it can get amplified even more right?Anyway, there are 3 methods to boost your magic damage in the adventurer handbook. They somehow translated hunter's claymore trap to say that it deals earth damage. Upgrading it to Tier 1 will require the following: Upgrading good items might cost you an enormous amount of Zennies but I assure you it would be worth it. Browse the Ragnarok Mobile cards, card price, card crafting. That doesn't make sense at all. Machine Gun Harpy grinding. This will be your go-to food if your damage just isn’t quite enough to 1-shot a monster. Lvl 10 Cart Attack – 750% PATK at Lv10, Delay 2.5s. Relogging cancels the status. This is one of the best ways to increase your magic damage. 100 Elemental Alloy: 50 Flame Heart: 120 Steel: 30 Black Gemstone: 400 Fuel: Dagger of Earth Axe of Earth: Weapon Type: Dagger PATK +120 – Earth Element – STR +5 – For each refinement level, physical damage +1% Usable Job: All. Related Videos.

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